Discover your zen

Find My Zen is a transformational community created to help people grow and expand. Connect to quality wellness content and events fueled by local teachers and studios. We use the word transformational because we believe wherever you are on your path, you will always be exposing yourself to new people and ideas allowing you to continue your growth and personal journey. Find My Zen is your catalyst. We hold a space for knowledge and connection without the chatter of social media. You will receive quality content produced and curated by your local teachers. You can also connect directly and follow their individual pages to read their personal sharing content.

Knowledge is only the first part that Find My Zen offers. Locate favorite and new events by teacher and location. Join in on the transformational celebration!  Practice and integrate your newfound knowledge. Learn about local workshops, seminars, retreats and festivals where you can go play, learn and connect with your own tribe of friends.  

And if you want even more, we offer options for premium content from top teachers in the nation. Explore different topics and follow highlighted teachers each month to get exposed to some of the most current conversations going on in the wellness space.

Both online and off, Find My Zen allows you to continue to grow yourself as well as your tribe. Discover the knowledge of the world in your own backyard.